Thee in the whisky pot


Pouring whisky in my cup and thinking about the day just left. I could not understand why I’m drinking so hard, also had a mojito and a beer before at the pub (and a light dinner by the way).

I saw and kissed your beauty when just met this morning and we exchanged jokes at breakfast laughing for things we only know. Staring at your legs while driving. 

You are my sunny day… Another cup.

Texting along the day, kissing ourselves through the words. Catching a glimpse of you while moving in the office it is so nice. We both know the afternoon is for us together. I don’t ever ask for how long it will be because I know that will be for the very all possible time.

You are my company… Another cup.

I drove away for a meeting with the boss asking to present my slides first because I had to go. Texting to you again and seeing your next travel request, the same of mine and I ran back to pick you up at the bus stop. Before at the Chinese bazaar just nearby I bought a spiderman mask and I was laughing alone while thinking at your awe and then later seeing it live. I adore your smile.

You are my playmate… Another cup.

Then at home was your turn, I helped you in removing your suit. Then you amazingly dressed with ad-hoc lingerie sat on the pouf and made me a manicure. I was totally blessed by you. I’ve no memory to had been given a physical care like this (no sex) from anyone. I have been touched by your attentions again. My hands, one at time, held between yours were under your careful gaze while you trimmed my nails. All my fingers were made perfect. I looked at you for all the time trying to permanently engrave your body your hairs, the full moment in my mind.

You are my angel… Another cup.

When finished I unhooked your bra and we kissed in a tight hug. Another joke between us and then love, making love. I never felt in love like this or at least I don’t remember.

You are my tenderness… Another cup, or I think so, and my eyes had close.

I wake up in the middle of the night and the cup is warm now and so it is the remaining whisky. I cannot sleep anymore even if I feel asleep. Now it’s clear to me why I did what I did, I tried to make stun my hot desire but I could not, ‘cause you are still here on my skin, your scent is here on me, my face smells of you, my heart beat for you.

You are my all love.

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