Dark words

peso oppressione

Some days when we meet I read signs that makes my imagination wearing a dark suit and the desire of you is to wide, too deep, I can’t change its color with my reason and my temper.

When I see you so sleepy in the morning I have to think alien to keep my mind quiet because I know there is already someone else in your life and I know him is in your bed at night.

I know, as you told me, you still love him and there is anything I can do to make things change. The only arbitrariness I have is to leave you and then fall on my knees, or stay here giving more time to this growing love that’s conquering any nerve and body cell of mine.

Some days I feel miserable thinking this love may be cut soon and today is one of this days.

Informazioni su unuomodipocheparole

uno così, un po' muto
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