I think we started phase three, the rocket went so high that now forces left. Escape velocity has gone and gravity fainted, time to drop unuseful stuffs and move freely in the cosmic infinity.

I believe sometimes images are a way to describe pure feelings, things that we just feel and we (or barely me) are not capable to speak about.

I felt less gravity and this happened suddenly, I just saw my partner floating. It was just at the end of February, I don’t know what and I don’t know why, maybe something I did wrong with the throttle and this sure can be or, it is just the need she has to look herself in the inside mirror or something different, in any case we are tight but something is different.

I feel excited and at the same time unsteady, I try to learn as much as possible what are her needs to read it right in what she does… viceversa. I think it is a chance a human being has, to face with their own anxieties and fears but also to enjoy the life with all the hart (I can’t wait to see her without anything in between us and hug her tightly).

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uno così, un po' muto
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