Nederland and Neanderthal


She is there for a vacation with a friend, I’m here in my bed trying to figure out why I’m not there too or in place of, as it was for London and it will be for Cuba. Just speculating for my consciousness nothing more, well even because I love stay with her and doing something together would be precious. In any case I care she feels good with me and I’m scared she may have a guilt trip for doing this nice things, this will make me very sorry.

I’m sure I missed the part, I missed the time to book, missed the initiative or again my schedule does not fit with our time puzzle and she decided going straight to the target.
Or else again, it may be that simply she wanted to have a jaunt with her friend, in this case what she needs is something I can’t give her, part of her needs, that’s fine. Or something she misses and I should worry to. Most probably I need to get rid of my inertia, of my day by day horizon and start planning at least for pleasant things since it is also what I like.

My neanderthalian mind is not able to resolve and so goes stuck. Then let’s simplify and go to the elementary feeling that’s important to me and is what I only rely to… she’s happy, so do I, it cannot be different. Love her and I know she loves me and this make me warm all-over.


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uno così, un po' muto
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